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About The Cam

The Nestbox is located in Benicia, California, in The Historic Arsenal District.
To learn more about The Arsenal, go to

The nestbox has been in use by Barn Owls for over a decade.
Between mating cycles, the Owls use the box for a roost. (A place to sleep during the day.)
2004 was the year we began observing the activity inside the box.

There is very limited access to the box, and the only openings in it are small holes
for the cameras and "The Front Door". As such, the Owls are pretty much left
to their business. If they want their nest littered with the bones and fur of their prey,
who are we to stop them?
Not to mention, they will use the stuff to make a lovely nest for their babies.
And when they decide its time to clean house, they just kick it all out the front door.
(just ask their downstairs neighbors!)

The Front Door
Front door of The Owl Cam

The bottom opening is a screened off ventilation duct that the owls used to go into
before they had a place of their own.
Front view of The Owl Cam nestbox

30+ feet off the ground, straight up a concrete building, the Owls dont have to
worry about Raccoons or Cats getting to their nest.
The Owl Cam and Jackson Street

Just in case you were thinking we were cruel to put lights in the owls' nest,
you will be happy to learn that we did not.
We use cameras with infrared nightvision!
At night, the inside of the box is pitch black.
You will notice that the image is in color during the day when there is plenty of natural
light, and switches to black and white as it gets dark and the nightvision kicks in.
The cameras we use are SONY 1/3" Super HAD CCD sensor Color Cameras.
A water proof high resolution camera with IR LED array for incredible see-in-the-dark
operation. This camera not only works well in the dark, but also in bright outdoor and
normal indoor conditions.

Camera used by The Owl Cam

Installing the second camera and a microphone. (And cleaning camera #1.)
Installing Owl Cam #2

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TheOwlCam ( owl cam , owlcam ) is a free live webcam ( web cam ) located in a Barn Owl nest ( nestbox ) in the historic Benicia Arsenal ( Benicia, California ). The Barn Owls occupy the nest year round, roosting, preening, mating, laying eggs, and raising owlets. Now Owl lovers outside of The Arsenal in Benicia can enjoy the owls along with the artists of the arsenal who sometimes share their art studios with the owls. The owls are named Frida and Diego after artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera